She Wanted to See the World 

She wanted to see the world, so I gave her a book and taught her letters. She fell in love with worlds that are, worlds that were, and some that will never be. She walked among the stars and swam in the depths of the oceans. She lost herself in golden woods and slept along silver river beds. She met people who made her laugh, cry, sing, and shout. She danced with elves, sang with sirens, lived with animals, and conversed with aliens. And through them, she learned to love humanity.

She wanted to see the world, so I told her to run. And run, she did. She ran to school and lost herself in her studies. She ran back home and found parts of herself in the late watches of the night as she lay in bed. She ran with her friends and lived vicariously through their experiences. She ran to the movies, if only to forget this reality for a few short hours. She ran from herself, dissatisfied with who she was becoming. She ran with the current of this world and when that became futile, she tried running against the tide.

She wanted to see the world, so I told her to travel. She found herself on a plane bound for the unknown. She made a home on a ship and lived with people she had never met before. She found herself in a land full of beauty, a sky full of life. She found herself sailing on the open ocean, no land in sight. She traveled to obscure places, where life is simple and appreciated for what it is. She found herself on islands most in the Western world have never even heard of. She swam in the saltiest, clearest, and bluest seawater she has ever seen. She made friends with people from the land and built a family with people from many nations. She fell in love with cities she’s never been to and people she’s never met. 

She wanted to see the world, so I told her to love with all her heart and say farvæl to all that she had ever known. And she did. She loved fiercely and unreservedly. She held on tight to the people who wormed their way past the safeguards she had once built to protect herself. She let go of all her dreams, tore down the walls of her heart, and released her hopes to the wind. She allowed her heart to be broken so that it might grow bigger. She said naamarie to those who she holds closest to her heart, not knowing if they will see each other again. She left her heart in Middle Earth and let her soul fly to a place of beauty that she never even knew existed until they met.

She still wants to see the world, so I’ve given her a future. She will create isolated universes in the confines of a test tube. She’ll spin worlds out of words and build homes out of letters. She’ll find herself on another plane to no where and discover herself in the most random of places. She’ll swim in oceans of cold, green, murky waters. She’ll hike to places only a few have ever been. She’ll stand on a cliff and see her life laid out before her, the beauty of who she really is. She’ll drive with no destination in mind, and yet find herself exactly where she’s supposed to be, surrounded by the family she’s learned to love, loved by the one who was meant for her, and loved by Me. 

She wanted to see the world, so I told her to go on an adventure… read, run, travel, love, and let go, and in doing so, she discovered a beautiful journey called life.


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