About the author:

This blog was started with the intention to be a place where the author could post random works and writing exercises in her free time. However, as the author was not an English major, but rather studied biochem and molecular bio and is about to go into full-time research, free time often come in rare moments. That being said, the author plans to maintain this blog as best she can and kindly asks that her readers bear with the random and often long haituses that are bound to happen. And as her writing style develops, the content of this blog will most likely be fluid. Thus, the author cannot guarantee that this blog will remain committed to any one genre or format. So she apologises in advance if her readers find her content to be all over the place and at times very random.

You can find me on tumblr as well:

Facts about the author:

  • just finished a YWAM Discipleship Training School
  • wants to pursue all that her Father has for her in this life
  • loves to read and write, especially fiction, though almost any book will be an excellent read in her opinion
  • fantasy and science fiction are amongst her favourite genres
  • due to the above, most TV shows and movies she watches fall in either category
  • she is American in blood, Korean in taste, a Kiwi at heart and British/Canadian in all things related to TV shows
  • loves to travel
    • #NZMustDo
    • the islands of Vanuatu are incredible
    • some other places the author plans to visit
      • UK
      • Faroe Islands
      • Iceland
      • Scandinavia
      • Mainland Europe
  • would love to write and publish a novel
  • spends her free time as a Tolkienish elf and uses Asian magic

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