Wandering Feet

My feet no longer wish to wander the familiar paths. I long for the vast moors of England, The rolling waves of the North Sea, The uneven cobblestone of the Shambles. I wish to breathe the air of New Zealand anew, Swim in the clear waters of the Pacific, To wonder barefoot along the shops […]

Words to Pictures

Words. She fell in love with words. It didn’t take long for him to realise this about her. She was fascinated by letters, the ebb and flow of sentence structure, the fluidity of language throughout the span of years. He saw it in the way she took care to write out each letter in that […]

Dear Friend

Dear Friend, How grateful am I to know you! Words cannot express the swelling of my heart. Your friendship means so much to me, Perhaps more than you will ever know. Forgive me inability to speak the emotions in my heart. Whether we are close or miles apart, You have become a part of me. […]

Let’s Pretend…

Luke stood watching as Astrid finally merged back into one being. The first few times he had seen her use her powers had been disorienting. Now, he was just in awe. Astrid had let the apprentice and servant go as they had no implication in the matter, but she currently had a firm grip on […]

Stealth Mission

“Drumroll please!” Luke whispered, before turning once again to check around the corner of the hall to ensure that it was empty. Astrid looked at him incredulously. “Are you actually serious?” She whispered furiously. “We’re on a stealth mission.” When he turned back to her, Luke was wearing that cocky grin he always got on […]


I fell in love with with a place I’ve never been to. A place on Earth so ruggedly beautiful, a natural wonder, a forgotten gem on a densely populated planet. I fell in love with place full of nature’s colours, untouched by man, and carved out by water and time. A place I thought only […]

The Woods

I was lost in the woods once. The darkness closing in, like walls that were meant to keep me from finding the light. I was lost in the woods once and the rustles of the leaves sounded like the whispering of a thousand voices, each hauntingly familiar. It held a beauty all its own, one […]