The Day I Left

Do you remember the day I left? It had been cold, the wind blowing harshly, rattling the glass in the windows as it rushed past. We had sat in silence, finally voicing what we both had been afraid to actually admit out loud. That was the first time we each spoke the truth, unafraid of […]


She was a dreamer. He was sure of it. He could see it in her eyes. Her brown eyes always had this far away look in them, as though her thoughts had transported her to another world, only her body left behind. He wanted to join her wherever she went, but this, this was the […]

A Story Worth Telling

She fell in love with the wind in her hair, the smell of salt in the air, and sand between her toes. She fell in love with the roar of the waves, the crashing of the tide, and gray skies threatening rain. This, this was her paradise, her happy place, home. This, this was exactly […]

A Grand Adventure

The clock struck twelve, Midnight fell, And the new year has begun. What possibly could this new year bring? Only One can say. My hope is that, For you, my friends, There is joy in every day. I do not know If this year will bring New adventures of the kind you seek, But I […]


Gold lines the cracks in my skin, Holding the broken pieces of my body. Each new chapter of my life Requires a part of myself to crack, To break so that I may be made new, More beautiful for my brokenness.   Silver runs through my veins, Sometimes cool, a metallic shimmer Under the translucence […]

Dear Heart

Dear Heart, I’m afraid I lost you somewhere over the vast Pacific Ocean during my flight back to reality. Or perhaps, you decided to take up residence in a beautiful serene valley, swimming in the waterfall of Love and running barefoot through southern paradise. I was sure I had packed you away with my clothes, […]

Before I Met You

Before I met you, I was happy in my own little bubble. I enjoyed the quiet moments on my own. I never wished to share my experiences with someone else. (Somewhere deep down though, I know the feeling was lurking.) I was content to be myself, to go about living without sharing life. Before I […]