Forgive Me

Forgive me,  Please, I beg you. Forgive me, please, For I love too deeply  And care too much. Forgive me, I have so much to say, But I find myself speechless. My chest is bursting  With too many words, All wanting to escape  The beating cage of my heart. Forgive my inadequacy  To express to […]

Just a Note

So, as my last post indicates, I’ve just come home from the adventure of a life time. I’ve decided to document some of my adventure and the next chapter on a new blog called So the Adventure Continues. This blog will document stories from my time abroad, where I am currently in my life, and just […]

Fears, Faith, and the Great Unknown

Questions, doubts, constant wondering. This has been my life for the last three weeks. Did He really say that to me? Did I just imagine it? What if it was just what I wanted and I thought I was hearing His voice? I don’t see how any of what He said can happen… it’s impossible! […]

She Wanted to See the World 

She wanted to see the world, so I gave her a book and taught her letters. She fell in love with worlds that are, worlds that were, and some that will never be. She walked among the stars and swam in the depths of the oceans. She lost herself in golden woods and slept along […]


To truly be yourself with someone, to reveal your weaknesses, failures, the dark and grimy side of you – to reveal that you are human – is the most frightening, yet liberating thing. It is an experience like no other, like a bond that runs deep. When I wrote the sentence above nearly a year […]


SURRENDER  SURRENDER  SURRENDER  It’s all I can do. I come to You With open hands, With open heart. I come in submission, Falling before the Cross. I come to release, To let go, To find freedom in You, My Father, The Lover of my soul, My Friend. Take my life, Take my heart, Take my […]

Lost in Love

Lost Absolute darkness Drifting in the sea of life Unloved Unwanted Unworthy   Pursued Light pierced the black The sound of love Trickling through the cracks Droplets of light Of hope   Relentless Persistent love Vibrant colours of a new life Waves of love crash on once lonely shores Called out into the shallows Drown […]